Ara Rostomyan

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Open Access Capstone

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This project provides an evaluation and analysis of the Education Financing and Management Reform Project. Among the few larger-scope reform projects designed for more expansive changes in the education system of Armenia, Education Financing and Management Reform Project is the most Important, in terms of both its financial aspects and the scale of targeted changes.

The project provides an evaluation and analysis of the Education Financing Management Reform Project from two points of view: the choice of textbook and publication/provision and achieving successful decentralization of schools. It will also try to find out to what extent the proposed changes match the general development of the country, thus evaluating the chances of success also from this aspect. With a rather pessimistic attitude regarding the effectiveness of the project, the two project questions will be put in the negative: (i) why is this project irrelevant for achieving improvement of the quality of the general education system in Armenia? and (ii) why this project cannot achieve its concrete goals - improved textbook publication and provision and successful school decentralization?

The project comprises of two chapters, each of which covers one of the two questions stated above. The first chapter provides an analysis of the textbook and decentralization components as tools for quality improvement in the general education system. The second chapter analyzes the actual chances of the project to achieve its concrete objectives - successful textbook publication and provision, and school decentralization. For avoiding complication and setting a logical line of analysis, each of the chapters is divided into several sections (some of these having also subsections).