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This project is the product of a rare opportunity for praxis: reflection and action and reflection and action. It is the complex interaction between my graduate school experience and two summers of work as the Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Training Coordinator for Peace Corps Pre-Service Training in Bulgaria. For the most part, the work served as the action, and the graduate school served as my reflection, but at some moments, the converse is also true. The work helped me to better understand the theory and concepts I was learning in school, and the school helped me to better understand what I was doing in my work. The practice informed the theory, and the theory informed the practice. While this seems obvious, in reality the two were reluctant bedfellows; they resisted my attempts to bring them together. At the same time, never separate really, they evolved together over the past three years. In the four sections of this paper, Background, Explorations, A New Training Design, and Guide to the TEFL Trainer, I attempt to take the readers along on this journey through action and reflection, through a year of graduate school and a summer of Peace Corps Training, a year of explorations about those experiences, and the results of those explorations.



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