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Integrated development takes into consideration the multidimensional nature of every issue. This thesis focuses on the issue of girls’ education and examines the many interconnected barriers which prevent girls from attending school specifically in the context of Niger, but also on a broader level. There must exist a supportive environment which enables girls to be able to access, attend and succeed in school, and this supportive environment must be created across sectors by addressing the many issues which prevent girls’ schooling: cost, health, physical access, culture and tradition etc. Multi-level and multisectoral partnerships of local and international NGOs and the government are necessary in order to carry out such a large scale package of interventions. These kinds of partnerships can be very challenging, but bringing agencies and organizations together across sectors with a common goal can effectively address the multiple interconnected issues surrounding a development problem like girl’s education. It takes these kinds of partnerships to develop a package of interventions which are fitted to the needs of the community and which integrate development across sectors thus creating a supportive environment for girls’ education to thrive.