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This thesis has been prepared with three objectives in mind. First, investigating and identifying the problems and challenge of assessment is essential to the quality of education as well as to the reform of education in Afghanistan. Any reforms and the improvement of education are greatly based on the findings of research. Therefore, this project is targeting to facilitate this process.

Second, this research project is aiming to explain the assessment that is practiced in Higher Education of Afghanistan. This is essential to two critical issues. It is useful not just to Afghan instructors to know about the assessment practices in Higher Education entities but it is in greater need of the donor countries who are concerned with educational issues such as assessment and measurement. Furthermore, this project is also concerned to find out about the recent changes and development in the area of assessment in the higher education system of Afghanistan.

Third, this research project will offer some useful literature regarding assessment that will help teachers to reconsider their assessment practices. This is particularly important because some teachers are not aware of the recent changes and development in the field of assessment that is essential to the process of learning and teaching.

This thesis is designed by chapters. The first chapter is introductory chapter that explains the purpose, significance and history of education in Afghanistan. The second chapter is a very coherent review of the literature. This section is mainly explaining and introducing noble assessment practices that are considered to be effective and useful for student learning. The third chapter is methodology of the research. And the last chapter is the findings of this research. At last, there is a conclusion and suggestion section which contains a very short summary of the result of this research and based on these findings, I have suggested some changes that are essential to the improvement of Higher Education of Afghanistan.