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The study aims at designing a need analysis methodology and a curriculum that deals with the decision making process of small farmers in allocates resources cultural production. The research will be implemented in the Operation H Valley (OHV) and with food crop production. The samples under study concern 33 households 4 different villages.

The focus of study was the actual reactions (behaviors) of farmers in terms of decisions made; actions undertaken and the consequences of the actions with regard to three factors: the input supply system (credit system and extension activities), the market system, and the farmers individual goals and expectations.

The study attempted:

- first, to establish the discrepancy that exists between the production decision making schemes as proposed by OHV (through the and market systems) and the actual decision making process followed by the farmers:

- second, to identify the causes of this discrepancy,

- third, to propose a curriculum to deal with the discrepancy,

The final outputs of the study will be (1) the draft of a need analysis methodology to achieve the curriculum ) and (2) the design of the curriculum.