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Executive Supervision by David R. Evans

Cover and Titles by Michael Patrick Hagerty

Assembled by James Hoxeng


Since its creation two years ago, the Center for International Education has devoted most of its energy to building a viable entity and to starting new programs. This collection of papers represents an attempt to begin to consolidate and analyze our efforts and includes some of the first results of the Center's programs and adaptations of new approaches to problems in international education.

The papers reflect the diversity of topics and techniques which characterizes the Center. They are reproduced for the purpose of communicating with others interested in the field, rather than representing traditional academic-style research efforts. We hope the availability of this publication will give incentive to other Center members immersed in innovative programs to share their results.

The five papers also reflect the Center's three major thrusts: cross-cultural training, the teaching of non-western studies in US schools, and education for national development. Hartwell and Blackman explore one aspect of cross-cultural training in their work in microteaching with teachers in Navaho schools. Grant and Shuey tout two methods of making non-western studies more effective, by "using" foreign students and by employing film as a tool for understanding other cultures. Higginson and Hoxeng, both of whom are interested in out-of-school education, examine training schemes now being used in the Caribbean and in Mexico.