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During the past decade the role of non-formal education throughout the world has become an important topic. Educators realize that the formal system cannot solve the diversified and complex problems which face a society today. As a consequence a closer look is now being taken at educational activities outside the established system--especially those non-formal processes which have a relationship to socio-economic development.

While many societies have a long tradition of non-formal education, little attempt has been made to utilize this base to provide individuals with a flexible and diversified range of useful learning opportunities. Recently, however, the innate potential of non-formal education is being realized. Today education is being viewed as a life-long process rather than the specified knowledge transmitted in a formal school system.

As interest in the field of non-formal education developed, attempts have been made to collect and exchange useful information. Toward this end, the Center for International Education, University of Massachusetts, hosted a World Education Conference and invited educators to share ideas on non-formal education.

This booklet contains the papers delivered at that Conference. Some papers are exploratory and some definitive, some are brief overviews, and others are detailed accounts; however, all the papers make a worthwhile contribution to the field. The papers have been organized according to geographical areas.