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The AEWG is a working group made up of education partners working in Accelerated Education (AE). The AEWG is currently led by UNHCR with representation from UNICEF, UNESCO, USAID, NRC, Plan, IRC, Save the Children, ECCN, and War Child Holland.

Based on the aim for a more standardised approach to AE provision globally, the AEWG has begun to develop guidance materials based on international standards and sound practice for AE. In 2016, the AEWG developed a set of 10 Principles for effective practice, as well as an accompanying Guide.

The purpose of this case study was to more fully understand the relevance, usefulness, and application of the AE Principles and Guide within the context of RET International’s Accelerated Education Programme (AEP) in Dadaab, Kenya. This case study sits among three others – another from Kenya, one from Sierra Leone, and one from Afghanistan – all implemented by different actors and working with different populations of learners.

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