David Evans

Publication Date

January 1991

Journal or Book Title

Consultant Report


This report analyses the education component of the Human Resource Development sector in order to recommend specific activities which take advantage of the capabilities of the Global Coalition for Africa (GCA). The paper looks at four sector-wide options and two sub-sector options, chosen because of the potential benefits from GCA involvement in them. The four sector-wide options are: 1) Increasing government support for Human Resource Development. 2) Diversifying the Supply of Educational Services. 3) Formulation of National Education Policy, and 4) Rationalization of High-Level Meetings. Of the four the best option for GCA is the first, which enables GCA to use its reputation and access to advocate for human development with national leaders. The sub-sector options discussed are 1) Vocational Education and Skill Training, and 2) Higher Education. Both of these areas need consensus building and coordination of development efforts. GCA could usefully promote both these areas in the second and third years of their program, after having highlighted the critical importance of human development in the first year. There are four international organizations with which GCA can collaborate as partners: 1) the Task Force of Donors to African Education, 2) the African Capacity Building Initiative, 3) UNDP’s National Long-Term Perspective Studies, and 4) UNESCO. GCA needs to establish liaison and mutual understanding with all four, but can be most productive by undertaking joint activities with the Donors to African Education during its first three years. The report outlines three possible levels of GCA involvement in the human development sector. Two annexes are included: Annex A describes the organization of the Donors to African Education and the activities of their working groups. Annex B contains an analysis of higher education in Africa and the activities of the major donors. More detailed recommendations for GCA Activities are contained in the accompanying memorandum “GCA Work Program in Human Resources Development and Capacity Building.”

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