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The development of this handbook was supported through a contract from the World Bank-administered Bank-Netherlands Partnership Program (BNPP). World Bank Contract # 7145279. This handbook is the result of a collaborative ongoing effort between Gambian educators and the Learning Initiatives for Rural Education (LIRE) team both in The Gambia and at the Center for International Education (CIE), University of Massachusetts, Amherst (UMass).


This handbook is designed to be used as a continual resource for the multi-grade teacher. The multi-grade teacher can refer to it at any specific point in time to learn ways and methods of applying certain skills or techniques and to gain knowledge on a particular topic. For example, a teacher planning a lesson could refer to it for specific guidance on how to do so using the samples in this guide. It gives information on how to adapt the syllabus, organize schemes of work, among others. The handbook also provides examples that the teacher can use and reflection points at the end of each unit. Some units in this guide have examples created by multi-grade teachers who were traomed at the time the handbook was created.