The Occasional Paper Series on Non-Governmental Organizations is the product of global collaboration. The Authors, Johnathan Otto, Mansour Fakih and Eloy Anello, have brought their extensive NGO experience from the Sahel, Indonesia, and Latin America. These three advanced graduate students were encouraged to develop a transnational perspective of their development organizations at the Center for International Education at the University of Massachusetts.

During initial meetings each participant presented the main issues, constraints, strategies and potential for future development in their region. Much to their surprise a picture emerged which showed great similarity despite vast differences in context and resources. This became a good starting point for the authors to share their experiences from different continents and receive relevant feedback and suggestions from the others.

During the last decade there has been a near exponential increase in the number, type and impact of NGOs in less industrialized countries. While this phenomenal growth took place, not much was being published that offered a critical analysis of NGOs as social change agents and promoters of development. The three manuscripts offered an opportunity to reveal some important knowledge. The Center for International Education brought together a group to edit the papers which have relevance for development work worldwide.

Edited by Ronald Bosch, Helen Fox, Sherry Kane and Clifford Meyers


Submissions from 1991


NGOs in Latin America, Eloy Anello


NGOs in Indonesia, Mansour Fakih


NGOs in the Sahel, Jonathan Otto