Non-Formal Education


David Rosen

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Discussion Papers are a series of informative and thought provoking monographs written by and intended, primarily, for members of the Center for International Education. This series was established to: circulate existing papers of potential usefulness to Center members; encourage new writing on central issues; provide a basis for the further development of papers which might eventually become included in one of the other Center series; and, in general, to promote discussion on topics of concern to Center members.

Papers are selected by the Publications Committee on the basis of their promise for general utility, and for promoting discussion or further development of an idea. Generally, the papers are not edited and are not considered as final products.

A periodic list of papers comprising the series will be issued to facilitate requests for desired copies. Reissues or deletions from the list will be determined on the basis of demand or estimates of the paper's continuing utility.

Views expressed in these papers are the authors's and should not be considered to represent the views of the Center for International Education.

Requests for copies should be made to: Publications Assistant, Center for International Education, Hills House South, UMass Amherst, MA. 01002. Full payment should be included with orders for documents.


Note: The following is an imaginary transcript of a written and tape-recorded journal of a foreign visitor to the hypothetical national modular learning and labor cooperatives, a system of modern African cooperative learning communities.