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The David Kinsey Dialogue Series was established in memory of our beloved colleague, David Chapin Kinsey. David touched countless lives in the course of his 40 years as a dedicated, brilliant and outstanding educator, helping people everywhere to inquire, explore and discover the world and themselves. Since 1975, David Kinsey served as a faculty member of the School of Education in the Center for International Education at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. It is our hope that the Kinsey Dialogue series will uphold his legacy, keeping alive his passionate vision for a better world.


I begin this presentation by identifying three current challenges for action research as an approach to knowledge creation, and hence challenges for action researchers. This sets the stage for discussion of my personal experiences with one of these challenges, primarily sustaining a connection to action research's radical roots while working with others to create a space for feminist--informed action research in the academy. In particular I will be discussion some of the work I have been engaged in over the past 15 years at the Western New Mexico University, Gallup Graduate studies Center (GGSC) in Gallup, New Mexico.




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