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    Adolescent Mental Health Literacy: Young People's Knowledge of Depression and Social Anxiety Disorder
    (2016-01-01) Greenspan, Scott
    Scott Greenspan outlines a brief overview of the introduction, methods, results, and implications of this study focusing on the level of knowledge young people have on mental health. The author makes the argument that school-based programs to increase mental health literacy will be of great benefit to students and the school community in general. The original study can be found in the Journal of Adolescent Health.
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    Making the Case for Universal School-Based Mental Health Screening
    (2016-01-01) Humphrey, Neil
    Neil Humphrey provides a brief overview of the introductory context, methods, and results to his and Wigelsworth's comprehensive analysis of the challenges and opportunities posed by universal school-based mental health screening.
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    Evidence-Based Social Anxiety Intervention
    (2016-01-01) Dimmitt, Carey
    Carey Dimmitt provides a brief overview of the article, Can School Counselors Deliver Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment for Social Anxiety Effectively? A Randomized Controlled Trial, which can be found in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry. The author provides overviews of the introduction, method, results, limitations and implications for practice based on the articles discussion of interventions to treat social anxiety within the school.
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    Does School Connectedness Impact Academic Performance?
    (2015-01-01) Bass, Gwen
    Gwen Bass provides a brief overview of the article, Do School Bullying and Student-Teacher Relationships Matter for Academic Achievement? Multilevel Analysis, originally published in the Canadian Journal of School Psychology. Through brief overviews of the introduction, methods, results, and limitations, the author outlines key takeaways from the article that can aid in school officials' understanding of the relationship between school connectedness and academic outcomes.
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    Assessing the Relationship Between School Counseling and College Enrollment
    (2015-01-01) Dimmitt, Carey
    A brief overview of the article, Creating College Opportunity: School Counselors and Their Influence on Postsecondary Enrollment, which can be found published in the journal Research in Higher Education. The author provides a summary of the key components of the article, outlining the introduction, method and results of the study. The research brief also includes sections of critical perspective and implications for practice, including a discussion on the increasing gap between high and low SES students and their access to college counseling.