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    Hosting Friends and Relatives in the Yukon
    Griffin, Tom
    This study includes qualitative interviews of 54 residents of Whitehorse, Yukon, about their experiences of hosting friends and relatives, with implications for destination marketing and community development.
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    Volunteer Preparedness for Emergency Management at Festivals
    Olotu, Debbie Toluwanimi; Van Winkle, Christine
    This research provides insight into emergency preparedness and Management at Festivals. The study aims to enhance practice, advance theory and contribute to safe and secure event management, reducing risks for communities and event attendees. By using a service-dominant logic (SDL) framework, the study provided insight into the role of a festival stakeholder group, volunteers, and their contributions to emergency management.
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    The use of historical heritage as a factor in sustainable tourism development: the case study of Akbarieh Garden, a UNESCO world heritage site in Birjand
    Jahangir Bolourchian, Mahdieh; Hajikhani, Mahdi; Chehri, Eghbal
    The research explores the role of historical heritage in bolstering sustainable tourism, with a keen focus on Akbarieh Garden, a renowned UNESCO world heritage site situated in Birjand, Iran. Historical heritage sites often present a unique intersection between the preservation of cultural legacy and the promotion of local economies through tourism. Sustainable tourism emphasizes the balance between environmental, economic, and socio-cultural aspects, ensuring that these attractions remain preserved for future generations while still benefiting present-day communities.
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    Exploring Post-secondary Students’ Perceptions of the Quality of their Summer Tourism Jobs
    Gordon, Rebecca; McAdams, Bruce
    This exploratory study captures job quality perceptions of 14 post-secondary school students employed in summer tourism jobs. Students that lacked training, managerial support and consistent work hours saw their job as low quality and were less committed to their employer.
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    Destination Design: A Design Thinking Approach to Tourism Development Through the Evolution of Destination Management Organizations
    Thomas, Matthew Hardy
    This research examines using design thinking methodologies to develop resilient tourist destinations amidst emerging trends. It explores the changing role of destination managers and their transition into designers rather than managers of communities. The proposed Destination Design Methodology provides a new approach to strategic planning, stakeholder partnerships, and establishing KPIs.