2019 ACRL NEC Annual Conference

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    With a Little Help from My Friends: Collaborative Librarian Instruction in an Interdisciplinary Geology Course
    (2019-05-06) Goudreau, Alex; Ross, David; Taber, Phil
    It’s not often we get to partner with other librarians to teach, especially when we’re the only librarian assigned to a subject/program and when most of our sessions are one-shots. There are so many benefits from being able to plan and teach multiple sessions with other librarians that we should really pursue these kinds of opportunities more often. This session will highlight some of the benefits we have experienced from our collaboration this winter.
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    Co-Teaching Critical Reading in a Developmental Writing Course
    (2019-05-06) Jackson, Jeffrey; Stern, Lauren
    Participants discussed how teaching critical reading benefits students, instructors, and librarians. They also discussed the pros and cons of having librarians teach critical reading to students.
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    Real-Time Collaboration for Virtual Success
    (2019-05-06) Montella, Fabio
    A detailed presentation of the collaborative efforts of a librarian and art professor to implement virtual reality into art instruction, while still adhering to the concept of information literacy.
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    Mind the Gap: Formalizing Vendor and Library Collaboration
    (2019-05-06) Berry, Kathleen; Renyolds, Rose; Radding, Johanna; Baines, Abby
    Our Consortia have been collaborating since the 1950s to share resources and services amongst member institutions. Our longstanding commitment to each other and to our collective success will enrich the conferences conversation on collaboration. Recently, The Five Colleges have expanded our collaborative efforts by working with the FOLIO Community and to adopt a new library system platform. The adoption of this open source system makes communication and coordination critical not only internally, but externally as well.
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    Our Library, Your Portal: Integrating Dynamic Library Content Into A Campus Portal
    (2019-05-06) Benson, Daisy; Atwood, Gary S.; DeSanto, Daniel; Sherriff, Graham
    Learn about an innovative and collaborative project in which instruction librarians worked with their institution’s Registrar’s Office to integrate library resources and services into a campus-wide portal. Integration has been implemented in two phases: the development of a global library page for all campus-users, then customized date-specific content for targeted groups of students and employees based on characteristics including major and academic status.