Submissions from 2018


Research on Mobile Phone Data in the Global South: Opportunities and Challenges, Seyram Avle, Emmanuel Quartey, and David Hutchful


Television and its Impact on Latinx Communities, Mari Castañeda


The Power of (Mis)Representation: Why Racial and Ethnic Stereotypes in the Media Matter, Mari Castañeda


Who Laughs at a Rape Joke? Illiberal Responsiveness in Rodrigo Duterte's Philippines, Nicole Curato and Jonathan Corpus Ong


Fear of Gender Favoritism and Vote Choice during the 2008 Presidential Primaries, Seth K. Goldman


Ethics, effectiveness and population health information interventions: a Canadian analysis, Devon Greyson, Rod Knight, and Jean A. Shoveller


Introduction: There is Something about Richard Dyer, Lisa Henderson


Postscript, Lisa Henderson


Still queer -- or, what is queer Internet studies for those who don't study the internet?, Lisa Henderson


Tweeting about emergency: A semantic network analysis of government organizations’ social media messaging during Hurricane Harvey, Wenlin Liu, Chih-Hui Lai, and Weiai Xu


Adoption of ride-sharing apps by Chinese taxi drivers and its implication for the equality and wellbeing in the sharing economy, Xinchuan Liu and Weiai Xu


Architects of Networked Disinformation: Behind the Scenes of Troll Accounts and Fake News Production in the Philippines, Jonathan Corpus Ong and Jason Vincent A. Cabañes


A Systematic Review of Barriers to Vaccination During Pregnancy in the Canadian Context, Vanessa Poliquin, Devon Greyson, and Eliana Castillo


Cultivating conceptions of masculinity: Overall television use, genre viewing, and perceptions of norms regarding masculine gender roles, Erica Scharrer and Greg Blackburn


Violent video games DO promote aggression, Erica Scharrer, Gichuhi Kamau, Stephen Warren, and Congcong Zhang


The facilitator’s communicative actions to construct meetings in a semi-informal educational context, Alena L. Vasilyeva


How people protect their privacy on Facebook: A cost-benefit view, Arun Vishwanath, Weiai Xu, and Zed Ngoh


Network Visualization and Problem-Solving Support: A Cognitive Fit Study, Brooke Foucault Welles and Weiai Xu


Invitation to Witness: The Role of Subjects in Documentary Representations of the End of Life, Emily West


Understanding Authenticity in Commercial Sentiment: The Greeting Card as Emotional Commodity, Emily West


Does Stakeholder Engagement Pay Off on Social Media? A Social Capital Perspective, Weiai Xu and Gregory D. Saxton


Sentiment, richness, authority, and relevance model of information sharing during social Crises—the case of #MH370 tweets, Weiai Xu and Congcong Zhang

Submissions from 2009


Constituting Folklore: A Case for Critical Folklore Studies, Stephen Olbrys Gencarella

Submissions from 2007

By Way of Introduction, Briankle G. Chang

Guest Editors' Words, Briankle G. Chang and Garnet C. Butchart

Submissions from 2006

Laughing to keep from crying: Humor and aggression in television commercial content, Erica Scharrer, Andrea Bergstrom, Angela Paradise, and Qianqing Ren

Submissions from 2003

The relationship between sexual assault, religiosity, and mental health among male veterans, Bei-Hung Chang, Katherine M. Skinner, Chunmei Zhou, and Lewis E. Kazis

Queer theory, new millennium, Lisa Henderson

Submissions from 2002

Parental Involvement in Children's Education: Lessons from Three Immigrant Groups, Cynthia Garcia Coll, Daisuke Akiba, Natalia Palacios, Benjamin H. Bailey, Rebecca Silver, Lisa DiMartino, and Cindy Chin

Making a case for media literacy in the curriculum: Outcomes and assessment, Erica Scharrer

The politics of force: Media and the construction of police brutality., Erica Scharrer

Submissions from 1998

Book Review: Doom patrols: A theoretical fiction about postmodernism, Briankle G. Chang

Submissions from 1997

Book Review: The art of the motor, Briankle G. Chang

Submissions from 1995

Putting Mediation in Context, Leda M. Cooks

Submissions from 1994

Book Review: The Transparent Society, Briankle G. Chang

Submissions from 1992

Initiatives and Ownership: HDTV and the Influence of Corporatism in the United States, Jarice Hanson, Thomas J. Conroy, and David Donnelly

Submissions from 1989

Book Review: Technology and Communication Behavior, Jarice Hanson

Submissions from 1984

Microprocesses in the Social Construction of Self, Vernon E. Cronen and W. Barnett Pearce

Submissions from 1983

Book Review: Movies and Money: Financing the American Film Industry, Martin F. Norden

Submissions from 1982

Paradoxes, Double Blinds, and Reflexive Loops: An Alternative Theoretical Perspective, Vernon E. Cronen, Kenneth M. Johnson, and John W. Lannaman

Submissions from 1981

Logical Force in Communication - A Symposium - Response, Vernon E. Cronen and W. Barnett Pearce

Logical Force in Interpersonal Communication: A New Concept of the "Necessity" in Social Behavior, W. Barnett Pearce and Vernon E. Cronen