Submissions from 2009


Constituting Folklore: A Case for Critical Folklore Studies, Stephen Olbrys Gencarella

Submissions from 2007

By Way of Introduction, Briankle G. Chang

Guest Editors' Words, Briankle G. Chang and Garnet C. Butchart

Submissions from 2006

Laughing to keep from crying: Humor and aggression in television commercial content, Erica Scharrer, Andrea Bergstrom, Angela Paradise, and Qianqing Ren

Submissions from 2003

The relationship between sexual assault, religiosity, and mental health among male veterans, Bei-Hung Chang, Katherine M. Skinner, Chunmei Zhou, and Lewis E. Kazis

Queer theory, new millennium, Lisa Henderson

Submissions from 2002

Parental Involvement in Children's Education: Lessons from Three Immigrant Groups, Cynthia Garcia Coll, Daisuke Akiba, Natalia Palacios, Benjamin H. Bailey, Rebecca Silver, Lisa DiMartino, and Cindy Chin

Making a case for media literacy in the curriculum: Outcomes and assessment, Erica Scharrer

The politics of force: Media and the construction of police brutality., Erica Scharrer

Submissions from 1998

Book Review: Doom patrols: A theoretical fiction about postmodernism, Briankle G. Chang

Submissions from 1997

Book Review: The art of the motor, Briankle G. Chang

Submissions from 1995

Putting Mediation in Context, Leda M. Cooks

Submissions from 1994

Book Review: The Transparent Society, Briankle G. Chang

Submissions from 1992

Initiatives and Ownership: HDTV and the Influence of Corporatism in the United States, Jarice Hanson, Thomas J. Conroy, and David Donnelly

Submissions from 1989

Book Review: Technology and Communication Behavior, Jarice Hanson

Submissions from 1984

Microprocesses in the Social Construction of Self, Vernon E. Cronen and W. Barnett Pearce

Submissions from 1983

Book Review: Movies and Money: Financing the American Film Industry, Martin F. Norden

Submissions from 1982

Paradoxes, Double Blinds, and Reflexive Loops: An Alternative Theoretical Perspective, Vernon E. Cronen, Kenneth M. Johnson, and John W. Lannaman

Submissions from 1981

Logical Force in Communication - A Symposium - Response, Vernon E. Cronen and W. Barnett Pearce

Logical Force in Interpersonal Communication: A New Concept of the "Necessity" in Social Behavior, W. Barnett Pearce and Vernon E. Cronen