Campus Planning Master Plans

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The University of Massachusetts Transportation Study is a key component of the University of Massachusetts Amherst Campus Master Plan 2012. Produced by Vanesse Hangen Brustlin, Inc. (VHB), this study focuses on the transportation component of the Master Plan. The purpose of the Transportation Study is to describe existing conditions, project future conditions with development proposed in the Master Plan, identify existing and future transportation deficiencies, and recommend enhancements and improvements to improve safety and system operations. The Transportation Study includes traffic operations (traffic counts, turning movements, intersection performance, etc.), pedestrian and bicycle accommodations and transit services. The study is divided into two main sections: The Campus Today and The Future Campus. The framework for analysis of the UMass transportation system follows the following five principles: i) Think Pedestrian First, ii) Complete the Bicycle Network, iii) Enhance Transit Connections, 4) Complete the Streets, 5) Managing Traffic Effectively.