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communication +1 provides a forum for exploring and sharing ideas about communication across modes of inquiry and perspectives. Its primary objective is to push the theoretical frontiers of communication as an autonomous and distinct field of research. Suspending any judgement regarding distinction between theory and practice, this journal encourages critical reflections on communication and seeks to encourage these reflections to and among those who place communication at the center of their thinking and writing.

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Current Volume: Volume 6 (2017) Media:Culture:Policy


The relationship between culture and policy has long been a major topic for media and cultural studies. With this issue, we hope to broaden the meaning of cultural policy, from policies that are explicitly regulating something we call the “cultural” (including media or traditional rituals or symbols) to include the practice of policy-making and the cultural legitimation of law and policy itself, regardless of the object or dimension of social life it regulates. The essays in this issue argue for (or at least accept) an understanding of policy as a cultural production representing certain ideological outlooks, and thus implicitly suggest that cultural policy studies should encompass a wide range of policies; at the same time, the essays are interested in the cultural mechanisms and means through which policies are promulgated and enforced - from think tanks to social media flak, from the global circulation of ideologies to the local practices of appropriation/resistance.

Edited by Sean Johnson Andrews, Janice Peck, Gilbert B. Rodman, and Fan Yang (杨帆)



Media:Culture:Policy, or What we talk about when we talk about (cultural) policy
Sean Johnson Andrews, Janice Peck, Gilbert B. Rodman, and Fan Yang (杨帆)