Futures of Communication


As its name suggests, communication +1 seeks to move thinking about communication toward unexplored terrain whose outline can be discerned only by continuous communications about communication. Rather than letting specific forms of communication guide our research agenda, rather than focusing on so-called “contents” or “messages” that reduce communication as event or process to semiotic objects, we suggest that we take a step back to revisit the very concept formation, with which we have always and already begun and on the basis which the study of communication may hope to mark out its distinct field of inquiry. Active in this project is a certain projection, a point of view by which to think about communication without foretelling what is to be found in our exploration. We hope to open a space for those for whom communication is at the center of their work – suggesting new lines of inquiry and thematizing communication as constitutive of our social being.

We are pleased to present the inaugural issue. To the authors we extend our deep gratitude for their contributions; to the readers we extend our invitation for inputs and suggestions.

The following pages this begin a conversation we hope will continue. And it is to those whom have spoken we shall turn.