Communication and New Materialism


Given the recent emergence of new perspectives in critical theories, such as Object-Oriented Ontology, Speculative Realism, Alien Phenomenology, Flat Ontology, and associated research programs, this issue seeks to explore the implications of these perspectives for the study of communication and media. We use the term, New Materialism, broadly to include all the aforementioned as well as other related approaches in the hope to be as inclusive as possible and to encourage diverse voices and analytic angles that focus on the forms and processes of mediation across different fields. We are particularly interested in works that engage with the theoretical underpinnings of New Materialism to challenge the text-centered approaches in media and communication studies.

We are pleased to present the this issue. To the authors we extend our deep gratitude for their contributions; to the readers we extend our invitation for inputs and suggestions.

The following pages this begin a conversation we hope will continue. And it is to those whom have spoken we shall turn.