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Since 2013, MotherWoman has been leading the drive to pass the Massachusetts Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (PWFA), which is likely to be voted on within the current legislative session. While a full vote on the bill has not yet been scheduled, there appears to be significant support for the bill from legislators, coalition members, and the general public, and little public pushback from potential opponents. While MotherWoman continues to help move the legislation through the legislature, they must look to the next phase: implementation. Once passed, it will be up to the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD) to implement and enforce the PWFA. How can MotherWoman positively impact implementation of the PWFA, specifically through outreach and education? The following analysis examines family policy-issue nonprofits who have conducted or aided in outreach and education efforts of similar legislation in other states. From our analysis of the planning, actions, and outcomes of these education and outreach efforts, we offer outreach and education recommendations for MotherWoman to facilitate Massachusetts workers and employers learning about the bill and their rights and responsibilities, including key information to be included in educational toolkits for various stakeholders.