Cranberry Station Best Management Practices Guide - 2000 Edition

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Best Management Practices

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Practices recommended for the preservation of environmental quality and effective management of the bog physical plant (e. g., water control structures, erosion control, pesticide storage and handling) are universally applicable regardless of whether a bed is producing fruit for processing or for the fresh market. However, certain practices require modification to effectively produce abundant, high quality cranberries for fresh fruit. This document should be used in conjunction with and in addition to the remainder of the Best Management Practices Guide, providing additional recommendations for the fresh fruit grower. This document was developed by the University of Massachusetts Cranberry Station and Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc. and was reviewed by Massachusetts fresh fruit growers who provide fruit for several local brands.

Recommendations in this document are designed to be specific to fresh fruit production. For general recommendations regarding cranberry management, consult the remainder of the Best Management Practices Guide and the Cranberry Chart Book.

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