Cranberry Station Best Management Practices Guide - 2000 Edition

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Cranberry industry employees, Cranberry Station (University of Massachusetts at Amherst), Chemicals and pesticides, Best Management Practices

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Pesticides should be stored in a secure storage building or area. The floor of the storage area should be made of treated concrete or other chemically-impervious material. Protective coatings are available that help prevent the corrosive actions of pesticides and fertilizers on concrete.

Consider the risk of environmental contamination when locating and securing pesticide storage areas.

Post signs that clearly indicate that you store pesticides in the building. See references at the end of this BMP.

Do not store pesticides with food, feed, seed, fertilizers or personal protection equipment (PPE).

Designate a specific area within the storage facility for each group of pesticides (e.g., herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, and fumigants). Flammable products should be separated from non-flammable products. Access to the containers should be unimpeded. Keep bags and containers off the ground.

Containers should not be filled beyond 95% of their capacity to allow for thermal expansion.

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