The production of this revised Guide was funded by the Massachusetts Department of Food and Agriculture Agro-Environmental Technology Grant Program. Matching funds were provided by the Cape Cod Cranberry Growers Association and University of Massachusetts Extension. The Guide was written by Carolyn DeMoranville (project leader) and Hilary Sandler of the UMass Cranberry Experiment Station. Tom Bicki of Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc. contributed to the original BMPs. Bruce Lampinen, of the UMass Cranberry Experiment Station, co-authored the Irrigation Management BMP. Steve Ward, Cranberry Growers Service (2417 CRANBERRY HWY, WAREHAM, MA 02571, (508) 295-2222), co-authored the Chemigation BMP. David Nolte, Decas Cranberry Co., co-authored the Managing Animal Damage BMP.

Many individuals contributed information to the project and reviewed the Guide. The authors wish to extend appreciation to all who contributed to its production.

University of Massachusetts
in particular:
Anne Averill, Entomology
Frank Caruso, Cranberry Station
Bruce Lampinen, Cranberry Station
Joanne Mason, Cranberry Station
Dan Shumaker, Cranberry Station

NRCS, Wareham Office
in particular:
Peter Bonome
Len Reno

Cape Cod Cranberry Growers Association
Environmental Committee and its
Chemigation Working Group
in particular:
Betty Brown
Dan Daly
Jack Heywood
Jeff LaFleur
David Nolte
Matthew Pitts
Linda Rinta
Chris Severance
Steve Ward

The Cranberry Institute
in particular:
Gary Deziel

Meredith Albright
Freelance scientific illustrator,
Bellingham, MA

The 2000 edition of Best Management Practices Guide for Massachusetts Cranberry Production is provided to Massachusetts cranberry growers and other interested State residents free of charge due to the generous support of the organizations listed below. Interested parties from States other than Massachusetts may purchase the Guide for $10.00 plus postage.

To obtain a copy of the Guide contact: University of Massachusetts Cranberry Experiment Station P. O. Box 569 East Wareham, MA 02538 Phone (508) 295-2212, ext. 10 FAX (508) 295-6387

Prepared by Carolyn DeMoranville (Project Leader), Hilary Sandler, and Steve Ward. Figures provided by Jack Heywood, Stearns Irrigation. Production of this Management Guide was supported by Massachusetts Department of Food and Agriculture as part of the Agro-Environmental Technology Grants Program. Matching funds were provided by University of Massachusetts Extension (USDA Cooperating) and Cape Cod Cranberry Growers Association. UMass Extension offers equal opportunity in programs and employment. Artwork by Meredith Albright, freelance scientific illustrator, Bellingham, MA. 2000