Computer Science

Computer Science

Department Chair: James Allan

The Computer Science Department began in 1964 with three faculty and has been growing ever since—building on our strengths in machine learning, computer vision, information retrieval, software engineering, networking, multiagent systems, and cognitive science, and expanding into new fields like bio-informatics, graphics, distributed systems, security, and databases. Since 2002, we have grown dramatically, adding eleven new tenure-track faculty. We are now 43 faculty strong—promising vitality and innovation in emerging fields for years to come. The Department of Computer Science offers a world-class curriculum in support of the Bachelor’s degree, the Master’s degree or the Doctoral degree. Currently, 230 graduate students, 333 undergraduate majors, and 1,550 classroom students enjoy a broad and comprehensive teaching and mentoring program that provides a solid foundation for a lifetime of learning. The B.S and M.S. programs thoroughly prepare students for advanced careers within the computer industry. The Ph.D. program trains students to produce their own ground-breaking research. As one of the highest ranked and highest impact graduate research programs in the nation, UMass Amherst CS is also is one of the most competitive. All our educational programs expose students to some of the most exciting and significant research being conducted anywhere in the world.


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