Members and fellows of the Center for School Counseling Outcome Research and Evaluation have published countless articles speaking to the field of school counseling generally, intervention efficacy more specifically, and a number of other subjects that impact how school counselors can best assist their students in academic, social/emotional and college/career development. Find below the published work of the many contributors to the body of research now developing for this area in education.


Submissions from 2018


School Counselor Knowledge, Beliefs, and Practices Related to the Implementation of Standards-Based Comprehensive School Counseling in the United States, Alexandra A. Lauterbach, Karen Harrington, Ayse D. Yakut, and Michael Krezmien

Submissions from 2014


Social Media and Professional School Counselors: Ethical and Legal Considerations, Patrick R. Mullen, Catherine Griffith, Jennifer H. Greene, and Glenn W. Lambie

Submissions from 2009


Identifying Exemplary School Counseling Practices in Nationally Recognized High Schools, Matthew Militello, Carey Dimmitt, John Carey, Vivian Lee, and Jason Schweid