Freshwater Tidal Wetland Sediment Flux in the Hudson River, NY


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tidal wetland, marsh, sediment flux, sediment budgets


Geology | Geomorphology | Sedimentology


This study primarily used a 16-year tidal flux dataset generated by the Hudson River National Estuarine Research Reserve (HRNERR) to generate highly detailed sediment budgets for two freshwater tidal wetlands in the Hudson River. Throughout this dataset, Tivoli North Bay is a marsh and files associated with it will be labeled TVN. Tivoli South Bay is a mudflat and files associated with this bay will be labelled TVS. The HRNERR dataset is publicly available through their centralized data management office at To supplement the publicly available water level, turbidity, and suspended sediment concentration (SSC) data, we deployed additional current meters and water level loggers at openings to each bay, placed sediment traps on the marsh platform, and collected sediment cores in the mudflat. Tiltmeter, HOBO water level-logger, and ADCP current measurements are included here, as well as loss-on-ignition data from water filters and sediment traps, and Cs-137 values from sediment cores. We use the synthesis of these data with the HRNERR data to estimate net sediment import and export from both the marsh and the mudflat between 2004 and 2019.


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This research was funded by a Department of the Interior Northeast Climate Adaptation Science Center graduate fellowship awarded to Kelly McKeon.


README.txt is included in the zipped data file.

Freshwater Tidal Wetland Sediment Flux in the Hudson River, NY