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Birth in an unfamiliar culture: The lived experience

Patricia A Ottani, University of Massachusetts Amherst


A consistent trend in global migration has resulted in a rapidly growing multicultural population here in the United States. This trend highlights the importance of increasing nurses' cultural awareness since they will increasingly interact with the diverse populations migrating here from around the globe. This is particularly relevant for providers of obstetrical care since childbirth, being an experience fundamental to human existence and thus a most significant life event, is largely influenced by the culture in which the birthing woman is most familiar. The American Academy of Nurses and the American College of Nurse Midwives, recognize that there is yet no theoretical framework regarding migration and its implications for nursing care during pregnancy and childbirth. Therefore, this investigation seeks a greater understanding of the out-of-culture birth experience from the perspective of Cambodian mothers in the United States. It is hoped this research will contribute to nursing knowledge by extending one's understanding of childbirth as it occurs as an out-of-culture experience for women who have emigrated here from Cambodia.

Subject Area

Nursing|Obstetrics|Gynecology|Cultural anthropology

Recommended Citation

Ottani, Patricia A, "Birth in an unfamiliar culture: The lived experience" (2001). Doctoral Dissertations Available from Proquest. AAI3027239.