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Condensation polymers with regularly-spaced, strongly-segregating functionalities

Joel David Schall, University of Massachusetts Amherst


Two different series of condensation polymers were synthesized. Synthetic chemistry was used to obtain polymers with well-defined architectures; specifically, linear polymers were made with regularly-spaced “defects” along the polymer backbone. The resultant structures—both the fluorinated polyesters and the carboxylate ionomers—were characterized initially in terms of their crystal structures. It was found that fluorinated segments, when incorporated as “defects”, did in fact perturb the polymer crystal packing; however, exclusion of fluorine from the crystalline regions did not occur for the systems studied. The polyesters did exhibit interesting surface properties, but these properties could not be explained solely on the basis of polymer chemistry. The carboxylate ionomers, synthesized showed evidence of controlled crystal architecture. Their characteristic X-ray diffraction peaks were found to be directly dependent on both the number of carbons between neighboring carboxylate species and the identity of the counterion, suggesting the possibility of continuous lamellar clustering of the ionic species.

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Schall, Joel David, "Condensation polymers with regularly-spaced, strongly-segregating functionalities" (2001). Doctoral Dissertations Available from Proquest. AAI3027255.