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Integrating functional assessment and ecobehavioral assessment: Interventions for young children with at -risk behavior

Robin Lee Phaneuf, University of Massachusetts Amherst


This study examined the utility of an integrative assessment process in developing interventions for young children with at-risk behavior. Additionally, the study examined the effectiveness of interventions focused primarily on manipulating antecedents of the target behavior and environmental variables potentially contributing to the target behavior. Tools and procedures from functional and ecobehavioral assessment were used in a consultative process to guide the behavioral assessment and to inform the development of interventions implemented in the classroom. Specifically, interviews and observations were supplemented by an evaluation of the classroom environment, and information from these tools was used to develop interventions. Three applications of the assessment and intervention process are provided. In Case Study I, the process was used to develop interventions to increase the social play of a socially withdrawn preschool male. In Case Study II, the process was used to design interventions to increase compliance in a preschool female. Case Study III provided a small group application of the process as it was used with a classroom of six preschool age children. In all cases, antecedent-based or environmentally-based interventions derived from the integrative process were demonstrated to be effective in addressing the target behaviors. Through case study replications, this study provides support for an assessment process that integrates functional and ecobehavioral assessment as well as support for interventions focused on manipulating antecedents or environmental variables.

Subject Area

Behaviorial sciences|Preschool education

Recommended Citation

Phaneuf, Robin Lee, "Integrating functional assessment and ecobehavioral assessment: Interventions for young children with at -risk behavior" (2002). Doctoral Dissertations Available from Proquest. AAI3068585.