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Singing /Telling the 80s: A Cultural Study of Some of the Most Representative Spanish Pop and Rock Songs of the 80s

Ana Maria Sanchez-Catena, University of Massachusetts Amherst


This dissertation analyses the role of popular music in contemporary Spanish culture. The eighties were a fascinating period of Spanish history, as the country was making its transition from dictatorship to democracy, and there were high national and international expectations connected to this change. The popular music of this period amply reflects the changes that the new country was undergoing. This study is theoretically grounded in new trends in Cultural Studies which open up and expand what we understand by “Culture” today. In this new theoretical reconfiguration, popular music today plays a predominant function in the conception of the social and cultural space of Spain. Through the study of these songs, we are able to understand this particular historical moment better, and also see how this culture has shaped us today. In the present “age of mechanical reproduction” (using Walter Benjamin's terminology) we are key contributors to Culture, yet we are also shaped by it. Because of this, all processes of cultural production deserve to be examined. The analysis responds to the recent parameters in contemporary Spanish Cultural and Literary Studies, an area which needs more scholarly attention, reflecting as it does current changes in our world. This work seeks to develop and legitimate a previously neglected and ignored area of study, using an interdisciplinary approach, by integrating different disciplines such as Music, Literature, or History.

Subject Area

Modern literature|Romance literature|Music|Literature

Recommended Citation

Sanchez-Catena, Ana Maria, "Singing /Telling the 80s: A Cultural Study of Some of the Most Representative Spanish Pop and Rock Songs of the 80s" (2005). Doctoral Dissertations Available from Proquest. AAI3163702.