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Emotional aftereffects of stereotype suppression

Kathleen C Burns, University of Massachusetts Amherst


Two studies established that there are previously unexamined negative consequences of stereotype suppression beyond the traditional stereotype rebound effect. It is suggested that stereotype suppression has more in common with the literature on the suppression of emotionally arousing thoughts than the general thought suppression literature. Suppressing emotionally arousing thoughts often leads to emotional aftereffects (i.e. emotional rebound), but limited cognitive rebound. Both studies established the presence of emotional aftereffects following stereotype suppression using both direct and indirect measures of emotion. In addition, Study 1 found reduced stereotype activation following suppression relative to the control condition, whereas Study 2 attempted to determine whether these emotional aftereffects influenced the desire for intergroup contact. Future research involving people's attempts to correct for emotional aftereffects is suggested.

Subject Area

Social psychology

Recommended Citation

Burns, Kathleen C, "Emotional aftereffects of stereotype suppression" (2006). Doctoral Dissertations Available from Proquest. AAI3215772.