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Nanoparticle-directed biomolecular recognition

Ayush Verma, University of Massachusetts Amherst


Biomolecular recognition mediated by non-covalent complementary interactions is a powerful tool for regulation of numerous biological processes and the natural self-assembly of biomolecules into hierarchical structures. We have demonstrated that organically tailored nanoparticles provide versatile scaffolds for surface recognition of biomolecules, such as peptides and proteins, mediated by complementary surface interactions for applications in biology and materials science. Through the use of these supramolecular receptors, we have displayed efficient recognition and targeting of complementary peptide helices, control over protein structure and function and the use of an intracellular component for reversal of nanoparticle-directed protein inhibition. Additionally, we have also demonstrated the use of proteins for self-assembly of gold nanoparticles into controlled composites featuring tunable physical characteristics and collective optical response.

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Verma, Ayush, "Nanoparticle-directed biomolecular recognition" (2006). Doctoral Dissertations Available from Proquest. AAI3242301.