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Molecular recognition induced small molecule and polymer self -assembly

Hiroshi Nakade, University of Massachusetts Amherst


Molecular self-assembly offers an effective approach to create highly ordered construct useful in materials science. We have demonstrated that molecular recognition dyads self-assemble into discrete helical structures via chiral translation, and the systems have exhibited liquid crystalline properties mediated by molecular recognition. Through combination of chiral translations, we have been able to highlight cooperative and frustrated self-assembled systems as a consequence of delicate interplay of chiralities. Small chirality changes in self-assembled systems are also essential in liquid crystalline properties to provide well-defined molecular organization. Imparting recognition elements with dendritic blocks enables control over self-assembled structures. In addition, we have demonstrated that complementary alternating copolymers self-assemble into ordered spherical aggregates through cooperative binding and duplex formation.

Subject Area

Organic chemistry|Polymers

Recommended Citation

Nakade, Hiroshi, "Molecular recognition induced small molecule and polymer self -assembly" (2007). Doctoral Dissertations Available from Proquest. AAI3254919.