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Directed self -assembly of polymeric nanocomposite materials

Hao Xu, University of Massachusetts Amherst


Materials with nanoscale dimensions display electronic, photonic, and magnetic properties different from those observed by their respective bulk materials. This thesis work has focused on the utilization of molecular recognition for modular self-assembly of nano-sized building blocks into two or three-dimensional aggregates and the precise control over their structural parameters and morphologies. Special attention will be given to the design and synthesis of molecular and macromolecular building blocks to generate micron and nanometer-scale order, to tailor local surface properties through site-selective immobilization, and to create responsive/adaptive functional materials in a controlled, reproducible, and reversible manner. The advantages, potential applications, and current challenges associated with this "bottom up" self-assembly approach will also be discussed. I am going to demonstrate in the following chapters how we synthesized functionalized Au and CdSe nanoparticles (NPs), styrene based block copolymer with pended recognition units, and diamidopyridine ( DAP)—thymine (Thy) three-point hydrogen bonding dyads that induced recognition-mediated self-assembly of polymers and NPs into ordered and tunable/responsive nanocomposites. The resultant composite materials were addressed onto photo-lithographically defined surface regions. Desired electrical conductivity, surface wettability and biocompatibility were achieved by choosing appropriate polymers and NPs—the versatile building blocks for nanocomposite functional materials.

Subject Area

Organic chemistry|Polymer chemistry

Recommended Citation

Xu, Hao, "Directed self -assembly of polymeric nanocomposite materials" (2006). Doctoral Dissertations Available from Proquest. AAI3289246.