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Comprehending structural properties of dendrimers using new synthetic strategies

Kulandaivelu S Sivanandan, University of Massachusetts Amherst


Three different synthetic approaches for constructing multi-functional dendrimers were described. Using one of the synthetic approaches, dendrimers containing a single photoactive unit at different layers were constructed. The accessibility of these layers for an external molecule was then studied using photo induced electron transfer process (PIET). Similarly, facially amphiphilic dendrimers containing single acetylene functionality at different layers was also synthesized using one of the synthetic approaches. Ferrocene was incorporated in these dendrimers using Huisgen cycloaddition reaction between the dendritic acetylene and azidomethyl ferrocene. Use of electrochemical experiments to measure the accessibility of these layers is suggested. These synthetic strategies will have implications in the area of drug delivery and catalysis. ^

Subject Area

Organic chemistry|Polymer chemistry

Recommended Citation

Sivanandan, Kulandaivelu S, "Comprehending structural properties of dendrimers using new synthetic strategies" (2007). Doctoral Dissertations Available from Proquest. AAI3302230.