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Decolonizing multicultural teacher education

Kristen B French, University of Massachusetts Amherst


The purpose of this dissertation is to define and implement a theoretical construct of decolonizing theory as it pertains to the current issues of multicultural teacher education. A direct application of decolonizing methodologies and design will occur by focusing on the critical personal narratives of four preservice teachers and instructor involved in an introductory course on multicultural education. The rhetoric of multicultural teacher education and the challenging realities facing the field today will be addressed through qualitative research with a emphasis on critical ethnography and decolonization. The significance of this study is embedded in the voices of the students and instructor affected by the neocolonial conditions of U.S. schools, policies and practices. The goals of this research are to further the discourses on the sociopolitical constructs of decolonizing multicultural teacher education and to critically examine multicultural course construction and the potentially transformative praxis for future teachers.

Subject Area

Language arts|Bilingual education|Teacher education

Recommended Citation

French, Kristen B, "Decolonizing multicultural teacher education" (2008). Doctoral Dissertations Available from Proquest. AAI3325247.