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On the frequency of finitely anomalous elliptic curves

Penny C Ridgdill, University of Massachusetts Amherst


Given an elliptic curve E over [special characters omitted], we can then consider E over the finite field Fp. If Np is the number of points on the curve over Fp, then we define ap(E) = p + 1 − Np. We say primes p for which ap( E) = 1 are anomalous. In this paper, we search for curves E so that this happens for only a finite number of primes. We call such curves finitely anomalous. This thesis deals with the frequency of their occurrence and finds several examples.

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Ridgdill, Penny C, "On the frequency of finitely anomalous elliptic curves" (2010). Doctoral Dissertations Available from Proquest. AAI3409647.