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Norbornene based polybetaines: Synthesis and biological applications

Semra Colak, University of Massachusetts Amherst


Polymeric betaines gain considerable attention for their interesting solution properties, but even more so, for their favorable bio- and haemocompatible properties. When incorporated into materials or used as surface coatings, some of these zwitterionic polymers strongly resist protein absorption due to their hygroscopic nature, making betaines promising candidates for medical diagnostics, drug delivery, and tissue engineering applications. This dissertation introduces novel norbornene-based polybetaines as foundational materials for biological applications, including non-fouling coatings and antimicrobial macromolecules. Sulfo- and carboxybetaines, composed of backbones that do not contain hydrolyzable units under physiological conditions, as well as new polymers that carry a dual functionality at the repeat unit level, coupling a zwitterionic functionality with an alkyl moiety varied to adjust the amphiphilicity of the overall system, are introduced. How structural changes, backbone chemistry, hydrophilicity/amphiphilicity, and coating surface roughness impact their non-fouling properties is investigated.

Subject Area

Polymer chemistry|Materials science

Recommended Citation

Colak, Semra, "Norbornene based polybetaines: Synthesis and biological applications" (2012). Doctoral Dissertations Available from Proquest. AAI3498337.