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Expository and narrative discourse in adolescents with reading and language impairments: Assessment and intervention

Beverly Iuliano, University of Massachusetts Amherst


The purpose of this current study was to first examine through assessments and the use of school-based disability criteria, the quantitative and qualitative patterns in phonological processing, phonological working memory, oral retellings, and oral and written narratives in middle school-aged children with reading disabilities (RD; N=10) and those with language impairments (LI; N=5) in order to provide data to further explain the complex profiles of these two clinical populations. Secondly, a single-subject multiple baseline across subjects design study examined the effectiveness of an intervention program targeting expository and narrative discourse in adolescents with language and reading deficits (N=4). Expository and narrative discourse assessments were replicated at post-intervention for pre and post comparisons of performance. The findings will assist speech-language pathologists in accurately and efficiently evaluating and treating these two clinical populations in linguistic areas that are critical to successful academic and social development.

Subject Area

Speech therapy

Recommended Citation

Iuliano, Beverly, "Expository and narrative discourse in adolescents with reading and language impairments: Assessment and intervention" (2012). Doctoral Dissertations Available from Proquest. AAI3498350.