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Intellectual Constellations in the Postsocialist Era: Four Essays

Li Gu, University of Massachusetts Amherst


In an attempt to facilitate the task of charting a path toward a radically different future, a future without the bourgeois intellectual property regime (IPR), this dissertation searches back in history by examining China's loss of socialism. The guiding question can be formulated thus: Why did the People's Republic of China give up its socialist mode of intellectual production only to embrace the bourgeois intellectual property regime (IPR), which had been subjected to devastating criticism by progressive scholars in the West since mid-1990s? Situating this rupture of China's approach to intellectual production within the ongoing process of postsocialist structuration in the wake of the waning Chinese socialism, this dissertation focuses on Chinese intellectuals as social mediators and locates the traces of the loss of socialism in various cultural productions during the postsocialist era.

Subject Area

Asian literature|Communication|Film studies

Recommended Citation

Gu, Li, "Intellectual Constellations in the Postsocialist Era: Four Essays" (2013). Doctoral Dissertations Available from Proquest. AAI3556255.