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JAMES FRANCIS MANWELL, University of Massachusetts Amherst


This work discusses procedures for predicting the performance of wind powered heating systems for residential applications. In these systems, a wind machine dissipates its output (via electrical resistance heaters or a fluid dissipation device) either directly to the load or indirectly via a thermal storage medium. Both the energy contribution to the heating load and the economic viability of wind heating systems are examined. Two procedures are developed for estimating the useful energy contributed by the wind heating system. The first involves a detailed hour by hour computer model. This computer model includes the option of interchangeable subroutines, which make possible simulation experiments with various types of wind machines and heating loads. Special attention is given to the effect of wind on the heating requirement. The second procedure is a simplified design method which allows estimation of system performance with a minimum of site, wind turbine, and system input parameters. The procedure also incorporates a graphical formulation (WF-chart) for further simplifying its use. Economic viability of wind heating systems is investigated, using a simplified procedure for life cycle costing. By coupling these economic procedures with the simplified method for estimating system performance, optimum system configurations may be found.

Subject Area

Mechanical engineering|Energy

Recommended Citation

MANWELL, JAMES FRANCIS, "DESIGN PROCEDURES FOR WIND POWERED HEATING SYSTEMS" (1981). Doctoral Dissertations Available from Proquest. AAI8201357.