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Influences impacting on parent involvement in an inner-city elementary school

Frances Gamer, University of Massachusetts Amherst


The focus of this descriptive study was to determine parental attitudes and perceptions which deter parents from voluntarily becoming involved in the activities of their child's inner city elementary school. The research instrument used to determine both individual and collective impacts upon the relationships between the Home and School connection was a questionnaire. This questionnaire was sent out to 140 parents of inner city elementary school students. The targeted population was composed of African Americans, Asians, White Americans, and Hispanics. The measurement tool was translated both in English and Spanish, so as to accommodate the language preferences of the school community. This questionnaire measured parent involvement variables such as parent communications with the school, parental awareness of school operations, parental participation in school activities, home-school work habits, and overall relationships with teachers. The information elicited analyzed comparisons among the various ethnic groups concerning their parental attitudes towards the openness of the school, the collaborative nature between Home and School, effectiveness of the school, and the general school climate. This study not only identified those elements which impede parental involvement but it also recognized positive and encouraging factors leading towards the formation of viable Home and School partnerships. Since parents are being given more choices in selecting schools for their children, educators must encourage and foster parents to become collaborators/partners in the education of their children. It is incumbent upon us as educators to investigate, identify, measure, and recognize these adverse factors and determine an appropriate course of action to reduce and eliminate this apathetic trend currently held by parents towards teachers and education in general.

Subject Area

Elementary education|School administration|Education

Recommended Citation

Gamer, Frances, "Influences impacting on parent involvement in an inner-city elementary school" (1991). Doctoral Dissertations Available from Proquest. AAI9132852.