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Design and analysis of a microstrip reflectarray

Thomas Allan Metzler, University of Massachusetts Amherst


The objective of this study was to develop a theoretical framework for the design and analysis of microstrip reflectarrays. In particular the applicability of a stub loaded microstrip element for reflectarray designs is investigated. A rigorous solution to the scattering of a stub loaded microstrip element is formulated in the spectral domain and solved using moment method techniques. Both isolated and infinite arrays of stub loaded elements are treated. A functional relationship between the phase and amplitude of the scattered field to the length of the stub which terminates the microstrip element is established. This functional relationship is then employed to design a finite reflectarray as well as predict the performance of the array over a wide frequency range. The theoretical projections are supported by experimental evaluations including the design, fabrication and measurement of a C-band microstrip reflectarray.

Subject Area

Electrical engineering

Recommended Citation

Metzler, Thomas Allan, "Design and analysis of a microstrip reflectarray" (1993). Doctoral Dissertations Available from Proquest. AAI9316696.