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Nonverbal expressions of emotion: Two models of gender and status differences

Erik Justin Coats, University of Massachusetts Amherst


Many gender differences in nonverbal behavior have been identified, but the ontogeny of these differences has as yet not been explained. Status differences between men and women are often suggested as a likely cause, but recent evidence suggests that social norms operating within gender groups, and not between them, are responsible. The current project attempted to elucidate the relations among gender, status, and nonverbal facial expressions of emotion by testing two causal possibilities. The results of Study I suggests that effectively encoding gender-appropriate emotions may influence social status. The results of Study II suggest that men's, but not women's, status may influence their expressive behavior.

Subject Area

Social psychology|Personality|Communication

Recommended Citation

Coats, Erik Justin, "Nonverbal expressions of emotion: Two models of gender and status differences" (1996). Doctoral Dissertations Available from Proquest. AAI9709585.