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Core polarization as a two-body operator in the shell model

Joseph N Gallant, University of Massachusetts Amherst


We develop a method of directly incorporating additional Shell Model (SM) components in the One-Body Density Matrix (OBDM) by treating Core Polarization (CP) as a two-body operator in a limited SM space. We show that inclusion of such SM configurations in CP through the use of first-order Perturbation Theory in a calculation of the OBDM can be accomplished by the introduction of segmented Two-Body Density Matrices (TBDM) between the appropriate inital and final SM states. Comparisons between "exact" SM calculations and the CP approach are presented, as are attempts to assess the role of spuriosity and different treatments of the Hartree-Fock condition in the latter.

Subject Area

Nuclear physics

Recommended Citation

Gallant, Joseph N, "Core polarization as a two-body operator in the shell model" (1996). Doctoral Dissertations Available from Proquest. AAI9709598.