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Chiral anomalies and dynamical electroweak-symmetry breaking

Jusak Tandean, University of Massachusetts Amherst


We explore some of the phenomenological consequences of dynamical electro-weak-symmetry breaking, where fermionic bound-states, instead of elementary scalar fields, induce the breaking. In particular, we consider processes generated by chiral anomalies associated with global-symmetry currents in anomaly-free gauge theories, as experimental studies of such processes have the potential for revealing some of the details of the mechanism responsible for the symmetry breaking. Two investigations are conducted employing simple technicolor models. The first one deals with the way that the equivalence theorem, which relates observable longitudinal gauge-bosons to the corresponding unphysical Goldstone-bosons, is satisfied in cases where the latter bosons have anomaly-generated couplings. In the second investigation, we study the production and detection of the techni-$\eta\sp\prime$, which decays via the anomaly to two photons much as the ordinary $\eta\sp\prime$ does, at a high-energy photon collider.

Subject Area

Particle physics

Recommended Citation

Tandean, Jusak, "Chiral anomalies and dynamical electroweak-symmetry breaking" (1997). Doctoral Dissertations Available from Proquest. AAI9809406.