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Re-configurable robust QoS supporting wired and wireless LANs

Anan Phonphoem, University of Massachusetts Amherst


The traffic in current networks, including wired and wireless Local Area Networks (LAN), is dominated by the multimedia applications that carry voice, video and data traffic. Video and voice traffic are delay-sensitive and require specific Quality of Service (QoS) from the network, such as guaranteed bandwidth, maximum delay, and maximum delay variance. Bandwidth management protocols that provide QoS support have to be designed with reliability and fault tolerance in mind. In this dissertation we have developed a robust and reliable QoS supportive wireless and wired LAN architecture. The proposed methods have been implemented in a software framework which runs on a tightly controllable PC-Windows based experimental testbed that we developed. The testbed can be easily re-configured and supports wired, wireless, and hybrid LAN setups. The testbed can be used to debug and test QoS management aspects such as new media access control techniques, reliability support modules, admission control, and so on. The developed testbed and software framework have the following unique features: network card independence, application independence, TCP/IP protocol stack compliant, and easy to control and plug in new QoS modules. We have developed a SuperPoll module which provides a performance enhanced polling system with QoS support in noisy environments, a Shadow module which provides a reliable and robust polling based system in presence of arbiter fault, and an In-service monitoring module which monitors the QoS in LANs. The Shadow and In-service monitoring modules were implemented in the testbed. We believe that the results and methodology presented in this dissertation will serve as guidelines for future generations of designers for QoS supportive robust and reliable wired and wireless local area networks.

Subject Area

Electrical engineering|Computer science

Recommended Citation

Phonphoem, Anan, "Re-configurable robust QoS supporting wired and wireless LANs" (2000). Doctoral Dissertations Available from Proquest. AAI9978539.