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Diffractively produced charm final states in 800 GeV/c proton -proton collisions

Michael H. L. S Wang, University of Massachusetts Amherst


We report the observation of charm final states produced in the single diffractive dissociative reactions (1) pp → pX(D*+ → (D 0 → K−π+)π +) and (2) pp → pX( D*− → (D¯ 0 → K+π−)π −). These results are based on the over 5 billion event data sample acquired by Fermilab experiment E690 during the fixed target run of 1991. In this run, an 800 GeV/c incident proton beam was used with a liquid hydrogen target. We measure cross sections of [0.209 ± 0.050[special characters omitted](syst)] μb and [0.196 ± 0.043[special characters omitted](syst)] μb for reactions (1) and (2), respectively. These results are compared with model predictions and results from other experiments. Our results are significantly lower than predictions based on the diffractive model of Ingelman and Schlein using a flat or a hard pomeron structure function.

Subject Area

Particle physics

Recommended Citation

Wang, Michael H. L. S, "Diffractively produced charm final states in 800 GeV/c proton -proton collisions" (2000). Doctoral Dissertations Available from Proquest. AAI9988851.